In this situation of uncertainty and scare that the world, Italy and Umbria have found themselves living, Diva International communicates its own affinity to the consumers and to its own region with the sponsoring of the green festival, “Suoni Controvento”.

A support that starts from the love for nature and for Umbria from the company and that calls for the rediscovery of environmental protection values and of the promotion of the beauties of our region. Diva International, indeed, never misses a chance to pay its respects to Umbria as demonstrated in the last spot video with which the company has spoken to the big public in a programmation on the major national television stations, where, through an emotional and evocative visual language, it told the importance of human relationships and it has shown glimpses of the Umbrian landscape: Assisi and the Pian Grande of Castelluccio di Norcia.
The company from the first hours, has also endeavoured to support front-line realities in the battle against Covid-19 giving to San Giovanni Battista hospital of Foligno (PG) an equipment of last generation for the monitoring of patients and 1 million of sanitizing wipes to the Civil Protection.
In occasion of the Upwind Sounds Festival Diva International will participate to the event with products of Fria brand, main brand of the group, homaging the participants to the events, with the new products Sanitizing Multipurposeplus and other surprises.