The world FRIA

Daily Hygiene

Leader brand in Italy

FRIA is leader brand in Italy with over 17 million of packages of wipes sold for the personal hygiene and wellness.
All the products are scrupulously developed following innovative standards in line with the trends in the reference markets.

FRIA proposes a wide range of solutions ranging from the hygiene to the dermocosmetics with specific lines, among them FRIA MySelf dedicated to particular facial treatments, differentiating the proposals to better satisfy whatever you need guaranteeing hygiene and wellness through small daily gestures with respect to the skin and in perfect harmony with one’s lifestyle.

Innovative formulas

Innovative and dermatologically tested formulations, some specifics undergone to particular BIO certifications, they are all conceived to valorize the performing effects of the ingredients with the aim to give benefit and wellness through the many and varied uses.
The clothes of FRIA wipes distinguish themselves for their particular composition, realized in pure cotton or natural fibre, biodegradable or biodisruptive, recently are in study also the compostable ones for a productive sustainable approach, they are all developed ad hoc to remain always soft and strong and not to irritate the skin.

A wide range of products

Fria makeup removers wipes, the most sold in Italy, they renew themselves by proposing formulations increasingly realized with natural ingredients and newest clothes with massaging effect, ideal to give a truly unique deep cleansing experience.

Baby wipes are very delicate on newborn and children skin. Comfortable and useful at home and especially outside when water is not available, Fria baby wipes are thought for the safe hygiene of newborn with respect to the epidermis and with a particular attention to the safeguard of the environment.

Fria intimate wipes are ideal for who loves taking care of oneself in a natural way giving oneself delicate hygiene and safety in every moment of the day.

Fria moistened toilet paper, delicately perfumed and pleasantly soft, realized in ultra soft cloth, it guarantees a pleasant soothing sensation with a particular refreshing effect

Lines for the daily hygiene

FRIA products are fast and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes of relax to be happy of a cleansing and fresh skin.

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