Quality thought for new generations

Umbria world capital of the water

Water is the basic component in the formulations of our products. Essential resource of the planet, it guarantees the quality of life of the human being.

Fria products are born in the uncontaminated nature of Umbria, a region rich of springs and thermal waters in the green heart of Italy, among places that for their rare beauty have become World Heritage protected by the Unesco.

So it is its origin to provide essential values and principles such as the attention to the naturalness of the raw materials and consequently the safeguard of our health and environment.

Pureness and naturality are a fundamental standard in the judgment of all the components of our products.
The clothes of Fria wipes are in natural fibres, also for this they are soft, strong and they do not irritate the skin.
In particular, the Bio line is realized in soft and strong 100% biologic cotton.

Innovative quality and sustainability

Innovative quality and sustainability go hand in hand.
For over 27 years we are aware of our responsibilities towards the actual and future society.

We are particularly attentive to the innovation and to the environment with the look to the future to create products with distinctive plus.
Products to take care of themselves, that offer a long-lasting wellness and have also a thought to the new generations and to our surroundings. For this Fria produces working hard to maintain the impact on the environment at the minimum. All our products are subjected to strict quality controls.

The formulations are tested and certified by qualified Academic Centres and by specialized Research Laboratories that judge them for tolerability, safety, performance and efficiency.
Our Company applies a management system for the quality certified ISO 9001 and a management system

In Green We Trust


Diva International S.r.l. chooses the clean energy.
From 2014 the production of all the brands of the company is exclusively supported by the electric energy coming from renewable sources. For our production (but also for our offices) we use solar, wind power and hydroelectric energy.

Our aim is to reduce the polluting impact of the electric energy and to actively contribute to the environmental protection.
The use of clean energies is an important step to contribute to the project of sustainability of Diva International S.r.l.

We respect you, we respect nature

The quality of Fria products is guaranteed also by the quality of raw materials.
Pureness and naturalness are a fundamental standard in the judgment of all the components of our products…


Innovative quality, sustainability and raw materials controlled at the origin.


Organic and Natural Eco-Cert Cosmos: Fria products do not contain synthetic dyes and parabens.


No ingredient or derivative is of animal origin.