For over 30 years Diva International s.r.l. realizes and distributes products for the personal care and wellness, the house hygiene and the cleaning of pets, both own brand and third party, leader products of some sectors in the reference markets.

The company is born in Spello (PG) among the uncontaminated nature of Umbria, region rich of springs and thermal waters in the green heart of Italy, among places that for their rare beauty are become World Heritage protected by the Unesco. It is this origin to provide inalienable values and principles such as the attention to the naturalness of raw materials and to the safeguard of the environment that surrounds us, for a social wellness of today projected to tomorrow.
And today more than ever, in this situation of uncertainty and scare in which Italy and the World have to live, Diva International communicates its own affinity to the consumers and to Italians with an institutional spot that signs an important chapter in the business communication and that speaks to the big public with an approach that starts from nature, that calls for the rediscovery of human values and relationships, a simple visual-textual language that communicates the presence of the company in the everyday life and the perseverance in not stopping in this particular moment, indeed if possible doing more converting its own production for sanitizing products useful to the contingency and to offer work continuity to its own employees. The advertising campaign that will be transmitted on the major national and digital television broadcasters from the 4 of June.
Moreover the company has also personally committed itself to support realities engaged in the front line of the battle against Covid-19 giving to San Giovanni Battista hospital in Foligno (PG) an equipment of last generation for the monitoring of patients and of 1 million of sanitizing wipes to the Civil Protection.