Fria senior shampoo towel

Fria senior shampoo towel

Conditioning Effect

– Regenerating action
– Deep cleansing formula
– Protected and shiny hair without the need for rinsing

4 maxi disposable moist towels 50 x 35 cm

CLEAN HAIR WITHOUT THE NEED TO RINSEFormulated with a cleansing lotion with physiological pH, FRIA SENIOR DISPOSABLE MOIST SHAMPOO TOWELS have been designed to replace the need for water when washing the hair and scalp, effectively cleansing without the need for rinsing.
The lotion action leaves the hair soft and shiny, making it easy to comb and offering a delicate and pleasant fragrance.

Towel kit + caps included




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FRIA SENIOR SHAMPOO TOWEL APPLICATION METHOD 1. Extract a Shampoo Towel from the package and wrap it delicately around the dry hair. 2. Extract a cap from the supplied pouch and wear it over the Shampoo Towel, making sure that all the hair has been properly inserted inside the cap. Leave the shampoo to act by rubbing for at least 4/5 minutes. 3. Remove the Cap and Shampoo Towel, leave the hair to dry and comb. 4. Dispose of the Towel and Cap in the relevant waste bins.