Fria Bio Herbs Intimate Wash

Fria Bio Herbs Intimate Wash

Delicate Soothing

– delicate on sensitive mucous membranes

– guarantees the physiologic pH of intimate areas

– organic formula

250 ml bottle

Delicate Soothing

Fria Herbs Bio Delicate Soothing is an intimate wash with a special organic formula containing Propolis extract and distilled waters including Rosa Damascena, Calendula and Melissa, enriched using only natural preservatives to offer delicate well-being in intimate areas, in total safety.

Fria Herbs Bio Intimate Cleanser is ideal for use during the menstrual cycle, when playing sport or during summer.

Restores the physiologic pH
Maintaining the right acidity of the external genital mucous membrane (pH) is important in preventing the excessive proliferation of bacterial micro-organisms.

Fria Herbs Intimate Delicate wash helps maintain the physiologic pH of the external genital mucous membrane, which during a woman’s fertile age ranges between 4 and 4.5, thus guaranteeing the natural genital acidity.
The Fria Herbs Intimate Wash promotes the natural physiological defences of the vaginal flora and performs an efficient delicate and soothing action in total safety, even on sensitive skin.

The formula is obtained using primary materials all conformant to Cosmos Specifications for organic and natural cosmetics.



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ROSA DAMASCENA Rosa Damascena Rose Water has many beneficial properties for the health and skin.  It is moisturising, anti-inflammatory, refreshing and highly appreciated due to its ability to delicately soothe the skin. It offers moisture and relief to irritated skin, reducing redness, burns and small lesions. Rosa Damascena Rose Water is ideal for all skin types. PROPOLIS EXTRACT Propolis is constituted by a resinous substance that covers and protects various plants, such as birch, poplar, pine and elm. The resinous substance is then collected, reworked and transformed into propolis by bees in their hive. Propolis has been a commonly used natural remedy since ancient times. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and protective qualities.  However, propolis extract also has extraordinary soothing properties. It is also ideal for reddened skin on children.