Fria Bio Herbs Delicate Soothing Intimate

Fria Bio Herbs Intimate

Delicate Soothing

-100% natural perfume

-100% biologic cotton

-physiologic pH

12 wipes

Delicate Soothing

FRIA BIO HERBS DELICATE SOOTHING INTIMATE is the new soothing wipe created to develop a soothing action with respect to the physiologic acidity of the mucosas. The special formulation containing Propolis Extract and distilled water among which Damask Rose, Marigold and Cornflower, gives a delicate intimate wellness in all security.

100% Biologic Certified Cotton
FRIA BIO HERBS DELICATE SOOTHING INTIMATE wipes are realized in exclusive 100% BIOLOGIC CERTIFIED COTTON, obtained by biologic agriculture that does not need the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Wipes result to be soft and resistant guaranteeing comfort and security at the moment of the use.

Physiologic pH
Maintaining a suitable acidity of the external vaginal mucosa (pH) is important to prevent excessive proliferations of bacterial microrganisms.
Fria Bio Herbs Delicate Soothing Intimate maintains the physiological pH of the external genital mucosas, that in the fertile age ranges from 4 and 4.5 and so it guarantees the natural vaginal acidity.
Fria Bio Herbs intimate wipes promote the natural physiologic defences of the vaginal flora and they develop an efficient delicate and soothing action in all security, also for sensible skins.

The Guarantee
The formulation is obtained using all raw materials in compliance with the Disciplinary Eco-Cert® Cosmos Organic for biologic and natural cosmetics.
Fria Bio Herbs Delicate Intimate has been elected PRODUCT OF THE YAER 2018 in the category “Intimate Hygiene”.
Market research PdA (c) on a pre-selection of innovative products sold in Italy, conducted by IRI on 12.000 consumers with more than 15 years, developed in january 2018. – cat. Intimate Hygiene.





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