Fria Bio Herbs Fresh Protective

Fria Bio Herbs Intimate Wash

Fresh Protective

– everyday freshness

– respects the physiologic pH

– organic formula

250 ml botttle

Fresh Protective

Fria Herbs Bio Fresh Protective is an intimate wash with a special organic formula containing distilled waters including Roman Camomile, Green Tea and Thyme, enriched using only natural preservatives to offer fresh well-being in intimate areas, in total safety.

Fria Herbs Bio Intimate Cleanser is ideal for use during the menstrual cycle, when playing sport or during summer.

Restores the physiologic pH
Maintaining the right acidity of the external genital mucous membrane (pH) is important in preventing the excessive proliferation of bacterial micro-organisms.

Fria Herbs Intimate Delicate wash helps maintain the physiologic pH of the external genital mucous membrane, which during a woman’s fertile age ranges between 4 and 4.5, thus guaranteeing the natural genital acidity.
The Fria Herbs Intimate Wash promotes the natural physiological defences of the vaginal flora and performs an efficient protective and refreshing action in total safety, even on sensitive skin.

The formula is obtained using primary materials all conformant to Cosmos Specifications for organic and natural cosmetics.



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FREEN TEA Green Tea is composed of Camelia Sinensis leaves, an evergreen shrub that can reach up to 2 metres in height. It is well-known for its properties, above all as a beverage, but also offers numerous health benefits for the skin and mucous membrane. It has strong anti-oxidant and toning power.  Green Tea extract also has decongestant and refreshing properties, hydrating the mucous membrane and offering long-lasting freshness to more delicate areas. ROMAN CAMOMILE The health benefits of camomile have been known for centuries. It is the plant’s flowers, in which active substances are concentrated, which are used and from which an essential oil is extracted with anti-inflammatory properties. The soothing properties of camomile are also well known. In the cosmetics sector, it is commonly used above all in products dedicated to sensitive, intolerant and generally dry skin.