Fria Bio Herbs is the absolute news in the family of FRIA products.

The line is born for the need to offer increasingly natural products and at the same time efficient and innovative.

The intimate Fria Bio Herbs promotes the natural physiological defences of the vaginal flora and it develops an efficient protective and refreshing action in all safety, also for sensible skins.
The hydration and the care of the most delicate areas such as the intimate ones are important for a right daily hygiene.
The formulations of Fria Bio Herbs Intimate Hygiene contain the 98% of elements of natural origin. The 20% of the ingredients used comes from biologic agriculture.
Fria Bio Herbs is suitable also for children. The perfume, 100% natural is fresh and delicate.

The products FRIA BIO HERBS
The products Fria Bio Herbs are characterized by the use of natural ingredients selected with care.
At the base of the new line there are the benefic powers of nature and of the vegetal extracts coming from biologic plantations.
The Soothing Delicate line (intimate cleansing and wipes) is enriched with the water of Damask Rose and with propoli extract. The water of damask rose is ideal for all the kinds of skin, also for the sensible one of children, it is cleansing and refreshing and it offers relief to the irritated skin. Propoli extract has extraordinary emollient and soothing properties. It is ideal also for reddened skins of children.
The Fresh Protective line (also here with intimate cleanser and intimate wipes) contains distilled water of Roman Chamomile and green Tea.
The Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory, emollient and soothing properties. It is particularly suitable for sensible skins.
The green Tea has a big antioxidant and tonic power.

FRIA BIO HERBS: natural and safe preservatives

The Line FRIA BIO HERBS uses only natural preservatives to give a fresh intimate wellness in all safety.
The products Fria Bio Herbs are approved by Eco-Cert Cosmos Organic, international indipendent organism that certifies the 60% of the Bio cosmetic products, their natural and ecologic qualities.
Eco-Cert certifies every single ingredient in all the supply chain, from the seeding to the finished product.
The certification guarantees how the 95% of the ingredients used is of natural origin and it is transformed following “green” processes authorized by EcoCert.
Synthetic dyes, colourants (organic or synthetic), mineral oils, SLS, SLES and other ethixylatings, silicones and raw materials tested on animals are forbidden.

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