FRIA Myself is a real news!

It is about innovative facial treatments in mask, cream, gel and serum to give wellness to the skin of the face.

Fria Myself treatments are aimed to contrast the daily weakening of the epidermal barrier due to factors such as pollution, cutaneous aging and stress.
The formulations based on ingredients of natural origin penetrate in deep, making the skin bright, stretched and nourished.


Regenerate your skin in a few minutes.
Does your skin has a tired aspect, is it dehydrated or dull?

Take a moment to relax and give your skin an extra portion of hydration and purification. You need only 10 minutes with cloth masks FRIA Myself.
Extract the moistened mask, place it on your face with the white side in contact with the skin making it adhere well to the epidermis. In the end remove the coloured support. Now you have 10 minutes to relax where you want.
Then remove the mask and massage lightly the face to make the active principles of the formulation absorb well and… finished.
Do you feel how your skin is purified and well hydrated? We suggest you to use FRIA Myself masks once a week.



Why a cloth mask?

Cloth masks can be used in a very simple way, without rinsing. The active principles penetrate better in the skin compared to the traditional fluid masks and their efficiency is due to a bigger percentage of active principles contained in them.

A cloth mask is a kind of compress that reduces the evaporation of the active principles that so can penetrate in deep in the skin.
Thanks to the effective penetration of the active principles, you obtain a fast and efficient result.

100% respect for your skin

FRIA Myself cloth masks are all realized with special materials and by stretched and delicate fibres to adhere better to the curves of the face.
The formulations are also tested on sensible and delicate skins and they respect the natural levels of the cutaneous pH.
0% parabens, silicones, dyes, mineral oils

Discover here all Fria Myself masks