fria milleusi viaggio


Dear FriaFriends,

Few days left and our fantastic summer game starts, Fria Summer 2018. Are you ready?
Now it has become a fixed appointment of Summer: FRIA will accompany you for all the month of August: at home, at the sea, at the mountain or wherever you are!
With some luck you can receive one of the 31 FRIA FREE GIFTS. Yes exactly, a gift for every day of the month!

The 1° august 2018, all on facebook to play with “Fria Summer 2018” for all the month of august!

How does it work?

Every day (and until the 31 of august 2018) we will publish an image with a Fria product.

Leaving a comment under the image and, if you want, sharing the post, you will have the possibility to receive a Fria free gift.
Fria staff will draw lots every day a comment among those posted under the image of product (with the application
At the end of the game we will publish a post with all the users that will receive Fria gift. It is about free gifts not for sale.
Wednesday, first august, we will start with the first post!

With the participation to the game “Fria Summer 2018”, the user accepts the conditions below.

1)The game “Fria Summer 2018” is a game of Diva International srl. The game is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook. The information are given to Diva International and not to Facebook. Participating to this game you agree to decline responsibility and any complaints to Facebook.
2)People of 14 years of age and up can participate with residence in Italy. The collaborators of Diva International are excluded. To participate you need to be fan of Fria facebook page
3)Deadline to participate at the game is the 31.08.2018, hours 23.59
4)To participate to the game, you need to leave a comment under the posts of the day (imagine published every day) of the FriaFriends facebook page and, if you want, sharing the post with your friends.
5)Every day 1 user will be drawn by lot to whom will be at the end of the game sent a Fria free gift.
6)The extracted users will be informed by post on the Friafriends fanpage at the end of the game.
7)Every user can leave only one comment under every post.
8)The comments will be extracted with the online application of


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